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How to help best friend get further in life- bday present?

My best friend and I were besties since high school, of course while growing older we have grown slightly apart into our own lives. I’ve gotten my own place and gotten into a serious relationship, while my bestie still has not moved out of his home, struggling to keep jobs, no license and clings to every girlfriend he gets for support. While he is not doing necessarily bad, I still care for him as a friend and want him to do better! His birthday is coming up and I am trying to think of a gift I can get him which will either help him take the next step in life, or at least motivate him. Any suggestions on motivational gifts? His mother passed about 2 years ago and he has been stuck since then. No judge mental responses please, I am trying to help, I dont run his life, or make decisions for him. Just trying to help someone make the most out of life

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  • 1 month ago
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    If your "bestie" reads, how about giving him an inspirational / self help book that might fit for him.  Perhaps, if you can, give him a month's free membership in a gym, or another activity that could enhance his life and encourage him to expand his experiences.  Or, write him a letter, in friendship, telling him how you appreciate him and wish him the best. With all of this, just be careful that he understands you are not romantically thinking of him, but that you want to remain "friends". Good wishes,  

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