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Wifi Speed question.?

Hello, I just upgraded my wifi speed to 200 mbps and I am currently only getting around 75 mbps. I believe my router may be old, so could my router be the reason why I am barely getting half of the speed I am paying for? Thanks.

4 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    I just measured 229 on my 200 Mbps service.

    Buy your own modem.  Get one that has lots of channels from the approved list for your ISP.  32 channels down and 8 up for example.  That gives it a better chance of giving you the high speeds.

    Buy a WiFi 6 router.  I like ASUS these days.  Among the features, make sure it automatically updates the firmware. 

    You do these two things, you will get better speeds.

    Note, even with 803.11ax, which is what WiFi 6 is, you will not get that kind of download on WiFi.  You need to be hard wired for that and my 229 was that way.

    And maybe swap out the cables for new ones.  They do wear out.

  • 1 month ago

    As we do not know the specs of our router or our network card, it is impossible to answer the question.  You would need to google the router and see what its maximum speed is.  If you have a 200 mbps connection, but the router can only lass through 100 mbps, you will never get the 200 speed.  

    But there is a lot more involved than just the speed of the service.  Your speed is affected by the speed of the site you are connected to.  If they are only send the information out at 100 mbps, you can not receive it at 200 mbps.  Also some of the bandwidth is used for overhead, etc. You will never get 100% of the speed of the line.  So you never get the entire speed advertised.  

    But checking the specs of your router and your network cards is the first place to look for the problem.

  • 1 month ago

    The wifi speed reflects the speed from your router to your PC. The major issue is the speed from your ISP to your router. You may need to upgrade your account to get a faster speed.

  • 1 month ago

    First of all, you should contact your ISP and find out if your router is supported for the speed they're providing you. Simple. Secondly, No ISP is EVER going to give you "200mps" speed. They give you "UP TO 200 mbs" speed.

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