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Anonymous asked in Yahoo ProductsYahoo Answers · 1 month ago

Will the green screen Y!A be a new style, or will it simply revert to the old format?

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    1 month ago

    It HAS to be a new version. As I have explained over and over for at least the last 3 weeks,  the YA trans repeatedly said the green format was going to be  totally deleted from the server computers after the purple was activated. It took over a YEAR for Yahoo Inc. to rollout the purple format world?wide. The Answers Teams never bothered to mention whether the green format would be archived or not. I assume the server computers hard drives were archived. 

    The old green format was full of eternal glitches because the computer programs were coded very quickly in 6 months in 2005. 

    The old green format is outdated by well over 10 YEARS. 

    The screen NEVER HAS BEEN GREEN. It is the headers that were green

    This?all could be a very elaborate spam propaganda campaign like?we had for 5 months. 3 years ago with the Asian language questions and a HOAX. One troll even stated that this IS a hoax 2 days ago when I pointed out the blatant lack of a registered trademark symbol on the new YA logo in one of his questions. Then he gave me best answer!!!

    Why do these questions Always come from the U.K. or Asia or Oceania? That is based on the Honest here questions are posted. It's 20:42 pm in the U.K. right now.


  • *YAWN* 🥱

    No seriously, we're all getting a little fed up with this nonsense. 

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