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Can mamas share their baby food schedules? how long after a bottle do you give solids and what types of solids and how much at each feeding ?

3 Answers

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I give him 6 nuggets morning noon and night. 

  • L
    Lv 5
    1 month ago

    Newborn.............eats when he or she is hungry. Food schedules don't really begin until baby begins eating baby foods.  When my baby, was ready for baby foods; I fed him cereals and fruits first................then liquids.  I fed him as much as he wanted.

    When he reached closer to 5-6 months of age; veggies, meats and then fruits....then liquids.  It takes nearly 1-year to get a baby on a schedule.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    When I started feeding solids to my babies, I would offer solids at breakfast, at lunch, and at dinner.  Basically, I offered solids at meals just like any person would eat.  

    I used Gerber Baby food.  I used "first foods" to start with.  These are designed to be just right for a babies first introduction to "solid" foods.  You can also feed baby cereals about this time frame too.When introducing your baby to foods for the first time, you want to be able to watch for possible allergies and be able to know which food caused the allergy.  For this reason, you should introduce ONE food at a time and wait at least 24 hours before giving another food.  I started by baby on fruits.    So, for example, I would feed the baby just apples on the first day.  Then peaches on the second day.  Then plums on the third day.  I continued this pattern until they had tried all the fruits available in baby food form.  I would offer the baby food at every meal.  So, they had some at breakfast, some at lunch, and some at dinner.  I would offer a bottle AFTER feeding them the food.  I would also give a bottle anytime during the day between meals if they behaved in a way that let me know they were hungry.  After the baby had tried all the "first food" fruits, I started doing all the "first food" vegetables.  Once they had tried everything without having allergic reactions to any of them, I would feed them different things at different meals.  I would give them baby cereal at breakfast and then some veggies and fruit at lunch and then veggies and fruit at dinner.

    As far as the actual amount - when you first start out, they need to learn how to eat from a spoon.  It will seem like they are spitting it back out, but it is really a learning stage for them to learn how to transition from sucking a bottle to actually eating from a spoon.  The first several feedings will be a lot of wiping the food off their mouth and putting it back in their mouth.  The amount they eat will depend on your baby.  The "first food" jars are about the amount that an average baby will eat at one time - so usually about a jar per meal to start with - but sometimes a little less and sometimes they act like they want more.  You will learn to judge your babies eating habits as you go.  You can also ask your baby's doctor for advice on starting solid foods and get some guidance on amounts.

    You are basically teaching your child to eat meals with the family - so you want to feed them when the family is eating.  As your baby eats more solids, they will drink less formula (or breast milk)  Solid food should be offered before a bottle.  This is the point you are encouraging more variety in their diet and so you don't want them to have a bottle right before you would feed them a meal.  

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