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Anonymous asked in Computers & InternetHardwareDesktops · 1 month ago

What's the difference between high-end and mid-range systems?

I am referring to PC builds to clear any doubt. I don't know what the levels are and what makes a system high-end or not.

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    There is no definition of what is "high-end" and what is "mid-range".  Because computer standards change every few months (or weeks) as new tech appears, there is no way that you can make up a list of what is "high-end" and what is "mid range" that would be valid 2 months from now.

    But a "high-end" system is usually one that has more RAM memory. a faster processor, and an above average graphic card compared to what is standard on the market at that time.  It is intended for gaming and running high demand programs like video editors, graphic editors and some high level statically and math programs.  While a "mid-range" system have what if the current average for memory, processor and video card.  They are go for web surfing, simple video and audio editing, streaming video, playin low demand games, and running common business software like Word and Excel.

    To determine why you should buy (as there is a huge difference in price), like at the specs for the programs you need to run (especially games) and go with a machine that meet or exceeds those specs.

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    Basically: it's cost

    or (if you prefer)

    relative performance.

    High-end systems have a high price.

    Mid-range systems have a middling price.

    Low-end systems have an economical price.


    High-end systems use the best-performing new components available.

    Mid-range systems use new components that are less expensive and less exceptional in performance.

    Low-end systems use the most economical new components.

    I would say

    that NORMALLY the terminology is used primarily with regard to PRICE

    and secondarily with regard to performance


    the two (price and performance) do tend to be closely related

    but not 1:1.

    That is: a high-cost PC

    is usually is noticeably, but not tremendously, better-performing than a mid-cost PC

    which is usually significantly, but not hugely, better-performing than a low-cost PC

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    Really, about 12-18 months. A high end pc will have just released components and a mid range will have mainly older ones,12-18 months behind the top end.. There is stuff you can do with picked parts and tuned memory, but they are custom builds and are at the highest level of component built computers.

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