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Can working pkgs be saved after being moved onto a corrupted USB?

Hey all, have run into an issue, I had all my games on an external hard drive but the hard drive has failed and I've had to replace it. All the original pkgs are backed up on a 2tb USB stick and I was going to redownload them on my new hard drive but have noticed none of them are downloading and are all coming up as errors. I've tried to fix the USB stick with software to repair it, but all the pkgs are still coming back as corrupt on the ps4 pkg verifier.

I've also tried moving the pkgs to another external drive and they're all also not working on a fixed drive, but they all originally were fine as have been downloaded before without errors.

Is there any way to save the pkgs and get them working again with or without the USB or are they going to stay corrupt?

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    All of the .pkg files WILL remain corrupt, sir ... and it doesn't help one iota with YOUR confusion of terms used in computing. i.e USB (Universal Serial Bus) is actually a data port, and "downloading" them means that you're getting the files from somewhere online.  What YOU mean is transferring them.

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