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trying to find a temp job sense my current job won't let me back to work right now?

I had some minor covid-19 exposure but got tested for it and it came back negative and you would think that would be good enough for them to simply let me come back to work right then and there  BUT NOOOOOOOOOO.  They want a stupid doctor's note.

The issue with this is because my former doctor retired i do not have a doctor right now so i do not have anybody that can provide a note like this at this time.

It has been over 2 months sense i have been out of work and i have had enough.

I need to find a temp job that is near me and hiring immediately.

I plan to lie through my teeth if they ask me about covid-19 exposure as i do not want anyone else telling me i need a doctor's note either.

I mean lets face it doctors are non existent right now.

I got tested and it came out clean plus i have had the 2nd dose of the vaccine last week so to me that is BEYOND GOOD ENOUGH.

I was working in a grocery store before i was told i had to leave because of this temporarily but it like i said has been over 2 months now and i have had enough and i have been BEYOND PATIENT with this.

I need to get work no matter what and i need advice on how to get it and SOON.

If i have to lie like i said to get work i am fine with that as if they knew they would make me do the impossible task of getting a doctors note from a doctor that i do not have and likely does not exist.

any ideas


How much does that service cost StephenWeinstein?  

any idea?

I mean i would want to find a way to have the money available before i go there.

Update 2:

Also with getting work temp job or otherwise in regards to this issue i am sure lying is the way to go.

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  • 2 months ago
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    If you just need a doctor's note saying that you don't have COVID and are healthy now, you can go to one of the "urgent care" places that accepts any adults who are willing to pay up front.

  • 2 months ago

    Dude, Really?

    At $8.50 an hour... working full time... if you haven't worked for 2 months, you have missed out on $2720 worth of income.

    You are so cheap that you have avoided $2720 worth of income (probably more because you don't make only $8.50 an hour) because you don't want to pay a doctor $100 to get a doctor's note??

    Do you know the term "the cheap turns out expensive"?  Look in the mirror.  That is what you do every day.  You could head to urgent care right now.  You might have to pay $150 or $200 for this doctors note, but you would be able to return to work tomorrow (or as soon as you are able to be re-scheduled). 

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