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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentPolitics · 1 month ago

Why can't Donald J. Trump supporters/QAnon members/Republicans just answer a basic question?

I ask 'What do Donald J. Trump supporters/QAnon members/Republicans want exactly?' and I get a rant claiming 'bigotry, fearmongering, hatred, misinformation prejudice and treason seems to be the tactics of the left.' and that QAnon doesn't exist.   

I ask 'What 'individual Liberties' have been 'eroded every year' for Donald J. Trump supporters/QAnon members/Republicans?' and get 'so then we can write off "learning" as something from the list of things you did the last 4 years...'

I ask 'Why can't 'Normal Trump Supporters' ever provide proof and/or context to 'the dozens of people murdered during the summer BLM rallies'?' and get 'Gave up on your "ALL" claim i see.'

Is it really that difficult to answer what I'd deem basic questions?

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