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This comment I made is bothering me but can I redeem myself from it?

This may sound like a first world problem but it’s really playing on my mind. 

Basically my manager was discussing a retired collegue with me, this collegue wanted to return as a volunteer. He told me that he didn’t want the headache (she was quite wild) and said he’d rather have 1 of me or my teammate than 10 of her. 

He said there’s more to volunteering in healthcare theres safety, I interrupted and said ‘yea and accountability’. For some reason He misheard this as me saying ‘I’m a nice person’. He suddenly replied with a bit of a laugh ‘your a nice person yea we all know that rachel ha but it’s about professionalism, accountability’. 

I said ‘no that’s what I said accountability’ he didn’t seem to acknowledge and carried on. 

I’m quite embarrased that he thought I said I was a nice person. It’s just a bit cringe to me. 

Also he sees me as a bit of a people pleaser which just makes it more embarrassing for me. 

But I can’t correct this can I it’s not substantial enough to bring up with him....

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