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can someone explain to me how moving and shipping works?

I am in the process of getting a job first and once I'm employed for one year and ten months plan to move to another state I plan to move to Washington and I wonder how much would it cost to have items shipped if its charged by the pound or all at one price I would be honored to have an answer because I am really motivated to work get a job earn two years worth of income I plan to work at a target store near me I live in Oakley California and want to move to Washington as mentioned before but i don't know how or where to start and once I have earned enough income to see once I am matured to transfer to a target store in the area that I plan to move to because I would try to work there for as long as possible any bit of an answer helps me out significantly even to if there is shipping tax and I am aware that I will need a Identification Card for the state I plan to move to but I do not know how much income would I at least need to support that dream because it would be easier if I knew how much to earn before I move and as stated any bit of information can help whether it would be links advice or anything that would be an idea for me because I am new to this moving situation and I am wanting to be able to learn all of that and I would love to learn of any good item shipping services that are reliable because I myself would be able to learn quickly as I am mostly a visual learner but I am good with learning by example too that is all I wanted to post about thanks for helping.  

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    If you use a moving company, it's charged by the pounds.  Sometimes they actually weigh it.  Sometimes, they estimate based on the volume (which lets them rip you off by arranging the stuff to take up more volume).

    If you use USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc., it's charged by the pound or by the size of the box, whichever way works out to more money, except if you use their fixed rate boxes which are a set price for that box size.

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