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We rent a house and been living here for 2 1/2 years. If owner fails to fix AC correctly for the past year what can be done?


Our lease is for another 1 1/2 year. Rent went up $30 and we are spending more money to have the AC run more often just so it can feel comfortable. Owner sends out the same guy every time to look at the AC.. 

the owner called out a professional company once and said we had a leak and it would be $250 and he didn’t want to do that instead called back the guy who always comes over to look at our AC. Idk what to do anymore 

Update 2:

We aren’t allowed to have a AC unit. 

Update 3:

In our lease contract is states AC and if not fix we need to get an attorney 

Update 4:

The AC runs but it’s 80 degrees in the house 

5 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    AC is not legally required in any state but AZ & that is only some parts.  

    Even if you want to argue that it is required, there are legally required steps in every state that tenants have to follow when landlords fail to make needed repairs. Legal action is the LAST step not the 1st. You need to find & follow those steps for your state.

    If it is indeed working but not no your likeling then they do not have to fix it. Even if it is requird to be included it is not required to be efficent. 

  • 1 month ago

    You can leave if you don't like the AC or you can get it fixed at your expense with LL permission.

    The AC is working. It doesn't have to work to your satisfaction. 

  • 1 month ago

    AC is not necessary like plumbing and electricity.  It's a convenience only,  not required. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    AGAIN, AC IS LEGALLY REQUIRED to be maintained IN ALMOST EVERY STATE AND IN ALMOST EVERY CIRCUMSTANCES WHEN IT IS IN THE LEASE/IMPLIED IN THE LEASE BY BEING PRESENT IN THE HOME...i don't get what is so hard to understand about that.  A lease won't  list everything down to kitchen cabinets and the ceiling light,but when present they need to be maintained in most actual leak is something that should be fixed.

    great idea, pay a lawyer more than need to choose your battles.

    for 250, I would just pay it myself and stop fighting over will save you money on your electric bill in the long it central AC?  if you will be getting another stimulus check...use that to repair the AC...if you save yourself $20/month or more in electric costs.... you come out well ahead

    why can't you have a portable AC?  they don't stick out the window, the vent sits in the window sill.

    move when your lease ends...or follow state law.

    despite ignorant opinion, IN MOST AREAS, if AC is in the home when a lease is signed it must be maintained in working order for the duration of the lease.

    if owner fails to fix it, you have to look at state laws, some you can withhold rent (following specific procedure), some you can repair and deduct, some you have to take the landlord to court.

    depending on the expense, you can go ahead and have it fixed yourself at your expense.

    you can get some window/portable units.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    You can move when your lease ends. Maybe ask for a window unit or two.

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