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Does google accept money to remove negative business reviews?

I posted a review for Perfect Plants Nursery in Florida and it keeps getting removed. No profanity, just an honest review. Here is the review. Any issues with it? Any answers on why else it would be removed if money not exchanged?

 "Bought a couple of fiddle leaf figs from this company. They arrived with beat up leaves, brown spots and some sort of mildew. I contacted the company and sent pics. They told me that fiddle leafs are picky and they need time to recover. I tended to them for over a month but they were not improving. A couple yellow leaves fell off. I have tons of plant experience and have a houseful of happy plants. I emailed them again and they said it looks like "dust" on the leaves, just wipe it off. NOT dust, mildew. I kept trying to save them, transplanted with fresh soil, put them in a sunny (for winter time) spot and watered as needed. Spots continued to get worse on leaves. I contacted them again and was asked about the sun exposure and watering routine. They did not acknowledge that the plants arrived unwell. Beware! "

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    2 months ago
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    Are you reviewing through Google (i.e., Google Maps), 

    or are you posting on their website? If the nursery site, 

    then they are just being shady and deleting whatever 

    sounds negative. If through Google Maps, then they 

    are likely using the "Flag as inappropriate", which is 

    also of course quite shady... the good news is that 

    they also have to fill out a report each time they do 

    so, so if you keep posting your reviews, eventually 

    (hopefully) Google will stop removing them. However, 

    this also can be seen as just vindictiveness and you 

    are highly unlikely to see redress by this company 

    (as if they ever would, given their current behavior). 

  • 2 months ago

    no, they don´t. that would open the door to fake reviews and should never happen!

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