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Why do I see and hear stuff when going into a cemetery?

While back I went to a cemetery and heard a whisper, I was in the car alone in the grave lot. 

I heard spookier tales from siblings who claimed to see a casket fly up out of the ground and relocate to a different location and go back into the ground.

I heard siblings talk of white orbs that flies around grave sites and we would also hear strange eerie backwards music in the cemetery. 

4 Answers

  • Tom
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Even if you believe in GHOST LORE, a Cemetery would be the LEAST LIKELY place to find a Ghost.---Ghosts tend to hang around where they DIED or were killed.     How many people DIE in a cemetery?-----They are already dead when the bodies are taken there.

  • 1 month ago

    And if you believe those stories, that's exactly why hear whispering voices in a graveyard.

  • 2 months ago

    You die and what becomes of you becomes of you a long time before your remains ever see a graveyard. Your body was just your vehicle that enabled you to get around on the physical plane. You don't hang around in a scrap yard when your mechanical man made body dies so why should a spirit hang out in a graveyard. You are a lot more frightened and alert when watching a horror film with the lights off than you are when watching it on your phone on a bright sunny day. Same here, you are quite likely to be more alert when surrounded by gravestones on a dark night Audible pareidolia will also fool you into thinking that night sounds are human voices. I have spent many a night in a graveyard and even slept on top of table like grave slabs, once sleeping until sunrise and missing out on my reason for being there. Shame that I should have taken an alarm clock with me.

    EDIT! Wait a minute, were you trying to fool NG the retard with the flying yucca, I mean casket thing? "I'm sure you can't really believe stories of flying caskets" Although, they said that about flying trees until the wright brothers turned up, didn't they.

  • I'm sure you can't really believe stories of flying caskets? 

    Because you have the idea that cemeteries are spooky you are imagining stuff, just think of the place as a nice safe park and you'll stop hearing whispers and backwards music and any other stuff that isn't actually there. .

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