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alana asked in Beauty & StyleHair · 2 months ago

Why is my hair thinning out ? Any hair supplement suggestions?

I recently went to the doctors to get blood drawn to try and see if I had thyroid problems which I don’t. But my hair over the last year was shedding and now seems A lot thinner than before is there anything I can do to fix it ? I also do not dry straighten curl my hair just dye my roots now and then so I don’t get why it’s like this. It seems dry as well.


When I wear a ponytail my hair sometimes feels like it’s breaking right off like someone’s tugging on my hair.

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    1. Stop wearing your hair in a pony tail. You are stretching the hair back, and this weakens the shaft, and the follicles die. This is one way to lose hair. 

    2. It could be hereditary. Check your family tree.

    3. Lack of Vitamins. Your hair needs vitamins just like your body, to keep it healthy. Vitamin-C is good for hair.

    4.Stress can cause hair fallout.

    5. Depending on how often you color your roots, is a factor, as well. Because you are coloring right near the shaft of the hair. Stop doing this for a couple of months, and try using Loreal Root touch up. It is a spray, it will cover the roots in 3 seconds. 

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