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Why is incest wrong if it is consensual? ?

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    [please ask your local law enforcement and college biologists for an answer.]

    King James Bible Version 1885

    John Chapter 3

    12. If I have told you earthly things, and ye believe not, how shall ye believe, if I tell you of heavenly things?

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    Two reasons.  First, inbreeding results in long term weakening of the gene pool which hurts society.  Second, incestuous relationships are often power-abusive.  It's a relative with a power position over another who exploits someone when they're still developing and confused, and then it carries into adulthood.  Seldom does incest start after both parties are consenting adults.

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    Because God has defined it to be an abomination, because it goes against His creative decree.

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    My one maternal first cousin married his paternal first cousin, it being not only legal back home in Pakistan but very common indeed. His second child, a boy, had cerebral palsy, six fingers on one hand, and has since been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. In short, do NOT marry family!

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    It is immoral, wrong AND disgusting.  I understand that there are siblings out there, as well as parents and children, that want to bang their family members.  This is deviate behavior that is unacceptable to society as a whole.  If you want to practice that, then you should probably keep it to yourself seeing as it is illegal in some, of not most states.  As well as it should be.  I should also point out that this type of behavior along with pedophilia and teen pregnancy, as well as REPEAT teen pregnancy and abortion is higher among the religious community than elsewhere.  Just so you know......

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    If nothing else the biologic calamity of the genes and diseases in the offspring.


    Morally your position is reprehensible.

    My bet is that you are a happy member of the socialist rainbow people and want to expand your deviancies  to include incest.

    to another poster below: It was not fine 2 generations ago for first or 2nd cousins to marry. In sparsely populated regions 3rd cousins were allowed to marry because no other mates were available but it was still strongly frowned upon. this is why every prominent  animal species expands their territory, its why humans took the risks thousands of years ago to populate the whole earth, to move and to thrive and to find new mates to partner with. 


  • Anonymous
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    It's pathological.  

    And your logic is faulty.  Being consensual does not make an action RIGHT.

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    Because it divides society into tiny groups emotionally, which is the fragmentation of society by definition.

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    Morally, because incest is sexual intercourse between two people too closely related to marry, and all sexual activity between people not married to each other is sinful.

    Medically, because intercourse between closely related people increases the likelihood of spreading genetic abnormalities and diseases within the population.

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