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how can i be able to understand and decipher the TRUTH of our human history?

from a spiritual standpoint how can i know for sure about the real human history from hundreds and thousands of years ago? the government / school system is telling me one thing about history, the bible and religious community is saying another. the spirtual community says something different. etc etc

idk i get really confused. i just wanna know the truth of the matter. i know of spirituality. im not an athiest. there's something out there thats bigger than us and way past our comprehension. maybe life is a simulation.. every single day im watching videos to get the truth. religious videos. buddhist/hindi videos. im reading books. im learning self development. doing meditation. i dunno if what is the right and righteous way. this is the main thing i care about

should i try to access the akashic records? even though i dont know how. if you know, tell me.

i heard that these records is like accesing higher dimensions then getting to see a real vision of history in order to understand the real history back then. 

 no fantasies.

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    No one knows. There is only one thing that we do know, pretty much everything dies, and nothing comes back. (disregarding deities with tourist visas)

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