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how to mount security camera without damage ?

my moms house is a rental apartment and i want to install a camera out front but i don't want to cause to much in damage to be repaired later i was hoping there was something i could attach to the hinges using same screws and it would go around the trim and stick out between the door and door frame with minimal maybe sanding a little to get it to fit around the center trim part and have a mount for my wyze camera the usb cord could easily fit with a flat style one i have thought about ring and other doorbell based ones but they sit to low and she is disabled so i don't want to have to hard wire or show her how to charge the battery 2000 times cause she will forget and not do it she can use a app and knows how to if it's simple like the wyze app is or if anyone has ideas about how to mount it where someone can't take it or so that it's not so obvious then that would be greatly appreciated thanks 

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