If America's population increases via immigration, wouldn't our carbon foot-print increase as well.?

We are a first world nation. It's safe to say that the immigrants will adopt a first world lifestyle. 


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Perhaps in LA, NY & Chicago, but not where I live....

Update 2:


How much of this nation do you believe could run on clean energy? 5%, 25%, 100%.

Update 3:


You have a vivid imagination.  

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    Yes, the Sierra Club actually used to oppose LEGAL immigration, because it very obviously increases the world population and takes countries with population growth a longer time to reach their carrying capacity.  But none of this matters, the Sierra Club doesn't want to appear "racist", so now they care more about importing PoC to the USA than they do about environmentalism.  It's the ruling ideology.  Anti-white discrimination has been normalize for over fifty years and the left is openly embracing it further.  This is the same type of stupidity as transgender activists supporting Muslim immigration into Europe.

    This is from the Sierra Cub's website in 2016:

    The Unbearable Whiteness of Hiking and How to Solve It:


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    America has never been a 1st world nation, kid. 

    Do you see faster than light space-ships?, 

    Do you see living biological computers? 

    Do you have access to healing-chambers

    that can reanimate the dead? 

    The nations of Hollow-Earth have those things. 

    These people are human but are tens of thousands

    of years ahead of us...

    ...so I suggest you book a vacation 

    to see how behind America really is. 


    This may seem funny to you, but Hollow-Earth 

    broke off from the surface-world thousands 

    of years ago. It's just that the rest of us forgot. 

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    It COULD but DOES NOT have to - in fact - go 100% clean energy (as you SHOULD anyway, in fact already should have been done!) and no need to worry about that at all!  Joe mentioned that too - yet another positive point - but I do think he wants to draw the switch over out too long...

    UPDATE 1: No reason it can not be 100% with plenty to spare!  Haven't done it due to cost - nut have plans where my house could - and with extra if neighbors needed some.  Would LOVE to actually do it - the sooner the better! - Biggest issue WAS where to store batteries outside, up high (flooding issues) - but figured that out too!

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    Liberals whine about global warming and urge western countries to stop making babies. But in the next breath, they parrot the corporate talking points about the need for mass immigration from non-white countries to increase our GDP. They are fraud

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    America is as third world as it gets

    Source(s): LOL try again. Your whole country is a toxic wasteland
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    Using the environment to cut immigration hasn't worked against the ruling left.

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