horhei asked in Arts & HumanitiesHistory · 1 month ago

could it be that the current digital revolution is more important than the industrial or agricultural revolutions?

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  • larry1
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    1 month ago

    No not really I doubt that very much. 

    Here's why...the digital revolution is just changing the 'details' in our lives. We text instead of phone, what's the real difference? (I prefer phoning myself). We shop online instead of in person but we still shop, the manner of shopping is just a detail. We 'stream TV' instead of watch TV there's a big difference! Again just a detail. 

    The digital revolution is just a perfection and upgrade to our consumer society. A lot of it is gimmicktry.

    The Industrial Revolution change all human life forever by inventing machines.

    The Neolithic (agriculture) Revolution changed the very existence of humans and made civilization. 

    The 'digital revolution' I think is more like the 1960's tech revolution when we 1st got color TV, dishwashers and air conditioning, just an upgrade to consumerism.

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