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Can Mike Babcock be rehabilitated and allowed near players again?

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    I'm sure that some people will buy his bulls***, but they shouldn't.  As someone who didn't listen to critics when he was hired to coach the Leafs in 2015, I have to cop it and admit that I was wrong about the guy.  Thought it was just people being bitter who complained about him, but it turns out that's who he is.  Apparently he has a long list of people who've played for him who didn't care for his BS and people like me wrongly thought they were just airing their dirty laundry.  They were right about him.  Same stories from Anaheim, Detroit and now Toronto.  "Maybe" coaching a team at the Worlds/world junior might be his deal where he's only around for a short while (his record coaching Team Canada is without equal, although you could make the case that he had a ton of generational talent to work with), but not in the NHL.

  • Mike W
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    Read what some of the Leafs and Red Wings players said about him, and he was described as a great coach, but a horrible person.  Not sure what anyone from the Mighty Ducks said about him.  He probably won't change as a person, but somewhere out there is a GM who will take a chance on hiring him.   

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