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I understand why u did it fter the hint, i just reached my upper limit on stress adn now ive disconnected form u guys?


Its nto that I dotn understand its that i can no longer subject myself to it, that would have been too much over the limit and ive still got the same feeling 

Update 2:

ie the feeling of I cant do anymore no way can i take any more of this, so im gone and disconnected from u gusy fro some time

Update 3:

Maybe forever im not sure cause its too much if u know wat i mean , its a feeling 

Update 4:

When u r absolutely certain that its too much too far no way in hell that feeling 

Update 5:

I just cant interact with u gusy cause u know too much of my secret shameful stuff  anyway 9and i willf ix all of them and all are minor

Update 6:

but u know i just cant 

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