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What's inside the vaccine?

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  • Grapes, lettuce, carrots and peas for the rodents.

  • 2 weeks ago

    Basically they take a very small portion or the virus or pathogen that causes harm and injects it into you. Your body notices the small bit of foreign material and deems it as harmful. This material would be called an "antigen."

     You body then goes through the process of creating an "antibody" (AB) to kill the antigen. Once the body creates this (AB), it stores the unique (AB) design of it so that if you come across the antigen again, it takes less time for the body to produce (AB) and eliminate the antigen. 

    So like the COVID vaccine contains a small amount of the virus and injects it into you so you body activates an immune response just enough to make your body produces the (ABs), but not enough to produce COVID symptoms and make you sick.

    When getting the virus, your body may not produce the specific (AB) to eliminate the antigen before it produces to the point of symptoms. That is also the reason why if you catch the virus a second time, you are less likely to be sick, since your body has (AB) to eliminate the antigens before symptoms can occur. 

    The reason it take so long for your body to produce (ABs) for a new pathogen is because it has to make the one SPECIFIC pattern that eliminates the one specific pathogen. It is like a lock and key design to two puzzle pieces. Only two fit together perfectly. Your body goes through millions of different patterns of antibodies before the right one is made. They are then mass produced and wipe out the antigen.

  • 3 weeks ago

    why is this under rodents. i am a rodent expert and i dont think they used rat juice in the vaccine

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    1 month ago

    Things that make you immune to whatever the vaccine is for

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    Basically it's a flash card that shows your immune system a picture of the virus, along with a message saying "this is the bad guy, if you see it blow it up." I'm not sure what scientists do to make it but that's what it is, without the flash card your immune system doesn't know it's bad until you get sick, after you have the vaccine hopefully it will know to kill it before it does anything to you or at least you may only get mild symptoms.

  • 1 month ago

    Here's what you need to know.  People in the medical industry who know more about this topic than you and I combined lined up to get their shots.  What does that tell you?

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