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Can Bubba be a girls name?

I am thinking about naming my daughter bubba but are not sure its a girls name


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    The nickname "Bubba" came about from baby-talk for "brother," from toddlers who suddenly had a newborn little brother calling them "bubba" because they still hadn't learned how to properly say the "th" sound or the "r" sound in "brother" and so pronounced "brother" as "bubba" (i.e., Parent: "Who's that?"; Child: "My bubba."). Thusly the nickname "Bubba" evolved, as a nickname for a little brother.

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    Based on popular usage, it is 5.225 times more common for Bubba to be a girl's name.

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    not for that...

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    It could be, but it's not a good choice.

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    Babba can, but it does come with the risk of her becoming a witch

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    It's not even a boy's name.

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    No. No. No.     

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