How can I make my eyes bamby like/sheepish for the odd occasion ?

People have always said, the eyes are the key to the soul or something like that.

Unfortunately I have very dodgy looking eyes, probably because in my youth I was abit of a wrongen.

BUT, my eyes really go against me in certain civilised situations , eg seeing specialist doctors or talking to religious people.

Wearing glasses is the obvious, but they only hide a little bit of the eyes, and some situations you would not be able to wear them

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    1 month ago
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    First, it's "Bambi", not "bamby". Second, it's "wrong-un" (short for wrong one), not "wrongen". As for changing your expression and how you come across in social situations, the trick is to practice in the mirror. Start with your normal expression, and then play around a bit; widen your eyes a tad. Smile a little. Keep doing that until you find an expression that seems benign to you, and memorize it. Then start using it in situations and see how it goes.

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