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Car mechanic-y people: Can I trust serpentine belt replacememt at Valvoline, as its an easy change, or should I take it to the stealership? ?


I dont have a local mechanic, nor family in the town I moved to. I take it to the stealership when maintenance is needed because I dont want the risk of being ripped off at a local guy(I live in a scam city)

Update 2:

2015 Toyota Yaris...runs with no issues

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    Hard to mess this up. Last I did it, I had bought a new Gates belt (as good or better than any OEM) but had Brake Masters do it. They had no problem with me supplying part, gave me a discount and warranty, anyway.  That Chrysler was a Pain to change the belt on. 

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    I would not. Seek out any reputable independent mechanic in your area. This is s simple repair. 

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    Aftermarket parts should be the same quality as OEM, though less expensive. Compare the labor rates to decide which facility is best for you.

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