How to talk about arthritis without offending people who have it worse then you?

I'm 33 and have a lot of arthritic pain in my upper back and hands. But it doesn't get in the way of functioning. My arthritis can trigger some depression, but when I prioritize fighting the depression with coffee and exercise, the rest of the arthritis is easier to deal with. So overall it is challenging but I manage it well. I want to talk to other people about dealing with it but im always scared someone who has it worse (rheumatoid arthritis for example) may not like me discussing it. What are your thoughts?


I don't believe in getting sympathy from people, I just wanted more information and to bounce ideas back and forth from people, but you guys are right. I'm gonna look into an arthritis support group and participate minimally, that is probably the best I can do. Be well.

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  • 1 month ago
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    You don't.  When you say "talk to other people about it," what, exactly do you mean? What is your specific goal? Help others? Get sympathy? Find new remedies? What?  You have to know your goal for communication before you randomly talk about something.

    If you need to express your thoughts on having arthritis, write them down or record them for yourself.  You can even set up a blog or YouTube channel if you want.  That way if anyone wants to hear your thoughts, they can find them.

    If you have depression or unresolved pain issues, seek professional help.  

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    1 month ago

    You need to accept that nobody but your doctor wants to hear about your day-to-day pain or discomfort. Well, maybe your mom, best friend, or spouse, but not your general circle of acquaintances.

    So I urge you not to worry about bringing it up around someone who's got it worse. Instead, don't initiate it as a topic of conversation. If someone else brings it up, you're free to participate.

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