Is Biden’s $1.9 Trillion Stimulus Bill Really Necessary? – Any pork here? Doesn’t anyone in Congress have a calculator?  ?

To save time, let’s just use 300 million as the population of the U.S. If everyone got a stimulus check for $600 that would total $180 billion dollars. If that were quadrupled so everyone in the country received $2,400 the grand total would be $720 billion dollars, but that only helps people, not businesses and State governments. So, let’s give $2,400 to every employer in the country for each person they employ and each of their unemployed kids. That adds another $720 billion to the total creating a new grand total of $1.44 trillion dollars. Who’s getting the other $460 billion dollars? AND, out of simple curiosity, who’s getting the $900 billion dollars from the last COVID stimulus bill … American animals, vegetation and insects? Average Americans have to stop allowing their eyes to roll back in their heads when talking about how much Congress adds to the national debt. And, we have to stop allowing Congress to pass Bills before knowing what’s in them. For those worried about the 30 or so million citizens I left out of the tabulations, just add 10% to the totals. That would mean instead of $1.44 trillion dollars needed, the total would be $1.584 trillion dollars, still $316 billion dollars less than the $1.9 trillion sought. Mind boggling, isn’t it?

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