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Isn’t it weird that society especially in politics treat us autistics worse than a mentally ill person or a person who chose to be fat?

I see BOTH political sides discriminate against those with neurodevelopmental disabilities specifically like autism, ADHD, tourettes, or genetic learning disabilities like down syndrome, and worse demonize us and assault us for existing. Left is more open to listening to us sometimes unlike the the other side, but it’s mostly the political right that NEVER cares for us or our well-being. This is why I will NEVER trust any political side especially even if they’re on the political left and still don’t know anything about what autism actually is. I am more left leaning but I don’t trust any political party to have my interests, but saying I have autism does NOT mean I am trying to being an attention seeker or to “want to a part of the oppressed”, us autistics actually are oppressed and marginalized just like blacks, gays, jews, and women are. My human rights are NOT taken seriously and 80% of us are UNEMPLOYED! despite autism being a medical condition. Autism is by definition a neurological disorder more so than a psychological disorder and is in the subcategory of 

neurodevelopmental disability which is blanket term for disabilities that are mental related from birth and are LIFELONG. Exp: Autism/Aspergers, ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia, tourettes, dysgraphia, down syndrome, learning disabilities, and Cerbal Palsy. 

Autism being mental related=/=being mentally illn ex: anxiety, depression, PTSD, bipolar or something ANYONE at ANY AGE can develop. Autism is from birth to death. 

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    Isn't it weird that someone who's been ostracized feels it's a good idea to do it other people?

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    I want to be sympathetic and I read that entire screed and never saw anything even hinting at a solution. If you feel the jobs training available from the government for neuro atypical people isn't what it should be then say that and that gives people a tangible battle to fight. I've never heard an elected official from either side of the political aisle cast aspersions on people with Autism. This leads me to believe you're responding to mean things said on social media, and that's something neither the government nor the 90% of people who don't even use social media can help you with. Sometimes people are just cruel. In truth the US doesn't spend nearly enough on lots of different social programs. Help for people with Autism is just one of many causes that's currently being underserved. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Lots of people treat lots of groups worse than they should

    However, very few people *choose* to be overweight

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