Caan a spoiled rich girl bully the poor guy she has a crush on because he doesn't care about her?

Last summer there was a party at a girl's house. She has a big house and a swimming pool. At some point a good looking guy with almost shaved blond hair got out of the building in the front. The girl who had the birthday called him and told him to come to the fence. He didn't understand so she turned to the other others and laughed saying he didn't even know that word and the others laughed and called him skinhead from the soviet blocks. He went away and I followed him and everyone said 'oh'. I apologised to him and since then I don't have a group of friends anymore but I have a boyfriend. Today he told me he feels sorry for making me break up with my friends but I said they actually weren't really good freinds if they bullied him. I also found out from another friend that the girl who bullied him kept calling him from her house with the swimming pool, in summer went half naked in her garden so that he would notice her. Since he never did, she bullied him. Now lots of things seem to be clear. I also asked him if it was true that she called him while wearing not so mamy clothes in summer and he said it was true and once her brother even threathened to hit him because he called him and called her brother complaining about him when he didn't even want to deal with her. Was she in love with him and that was the only way to try to get his attention or was she just mean to him?


The guy actually lives in a flat in front of her private house with garden and terrace. The guy was harassed by her and almost got in trouble with her brother because of her lies. It's true.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

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  • Marli
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    1 month ago

    A poor boy cannot afford to live in the same neighborhood as a rich girl. And there are no longer any Soviet blocs since the 1990s.  Your false friends are middle aged or stuck in time.

    That is, if you are speaking truth and not lying or fantasizing.

    Your question is not related to Books. Please move into the Family and Relationships category. 

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