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Can I create an audiobook on a video game fanfiction I wrote? Or will I be copyrighted?

It should be fine right? I mean people post themselves playing video games all the time and they make money, so writing fanfiction about one of those games and posting it should be fine right?

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    Not fine. It's a blatant infringement of copyright in a form likely to lead to legal action.

    Most of the time, the copyright holder ignores fanfic posted online--even when it's bad, it's free advertising and proof that the author loved the source material and its canon.

    However, when it's in any form other than digital available only to be read online (available for download, in print, n audio, etc.) they are far more likely to take legal action.

    And the rights owners definitely draw the line at someone making money, even small amounts, from their creation.

    It's not a risk worth taking. Sure, you might get away with it, but if they sue you, you will lose, and the judgment you owe will be many times what you earned doing it.

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    1 month ago

    It should be fine. It depends on how derivative your material is in relation to your source material, as to whether it constitutes copyright infringement. 

    People playing games isnt the same, in fact, if anything, it's free advertisement for the developers. The main reason for copyrighting and patenting is to protect financial gain from the author/inventor. So if you don't actually plan to make money from your project, you won't really have anything to worry about. 

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