Was Mighty Ducks The Animated Series cancelled after one season due to a writer’s strike at the time or due to low ratings?

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  • 1 month ago

    Not sure and its hard to get a straight answer online. Here's some facts I was able to find out: Mighty Ducks was created for the two hour Disney Afternoon block on Disney Channel. It had good ratings, sold lots of toys and even won an Emmy award. Despite that Disney pulled the plug on every show but one from Disney Afternoon in late 1996-early 1997, and the Disney wikia says that the afternoon block was "replaced with" the Toon Disney network, which debuted a year and a half later. The lineup of Toon Disney when it started consisted almost entirely of shows produced by Disney from the past decade. Also, I know from prior research that Nickelodeon around the same years pulled the plug on other seemingly popular cartoons and live action shows, apprently becauce they were more expensive to produce then the new wave of highly rating live action youth sitcoms. So basically to sum it all up, if I had to guess why Mighty Ducks was canceled my answer would be, because Disney Channel wanted to start focusing more on live action shows in the late 90s just like Nickelodeon, and also maybe they wanted to cut some costs right before they both launched a new network and bought the ABC corporation the following year. 

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