To the Proud Volunteers of the Aryan Empire:?

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Proud volunteers of the Aryan Empire:

We have striven for the betterment of our people and race for some 6,000 years since our first Aryan ancestors settled in the Pontic-Caspian steppe of Southern Russia and Ukraine.  What kept our Civilization superior was the advanced altruism we shared within the clan and the greatness of the warrior caste that lead us into victory.  Our ancestors knew that to continue advancement of our species each volunteer of the tribe had to do their part and look out for one another- protection from outside threats was key to our historic advancement that lead us into the modern age.

This modern Jewry that has been shoved down our throats since the end of World War II, that all races are equal and that no race has a particular advantage over another or that Western Civilization is a failed culture is the great lie of our age.  The Jewish conspiracy against the Aryan races has continued since they crawled out of their Turkish homeland and falsely converted to Judaism in the Ukranian lands they absorbed.  To this day these Turkish imposters the Ashkenazi Jews of Europe have been a thorn in our side and continue to hamper our achievement by forcing us to assimilate with subhumans that are no better than a domesticated animal to our conscience. 

-Isvaro Vardu


Great men sit idly as their lands are pillaged and their daughters are savaged by the dark races of the dark lands they arise from.  This promising land of the North American continent gave our recent ancestors the drive and ability to pursue the happiness promised by the founders Document, and work this land they did.  For five centuries the Europeans that immigrated

Update 2:

to this once dark continent built the premier achievement of humanity in a new, cold land, and in this day the Jewry that has created this cess pool that surrounds us is attempting to force us to hand this land over to the brown man.  If we continue on this course provided by the Jews and their neo-liberal collaborators who call themselves Democrats, the Aryan race will completely cease to exist in North America,

Update 3:

English will be replaced by Spanish, and your great-grand children will know more about Pancho Villa then they will about George Washington or Alexander the Great.

It has been our privelage and honor as a Culture to bring forth the enlightenment of this age.  If it had not been for our European ancestors who braved the seas and conquered this unruly territory of the Americas the savages that crept into this land from Northern Asia would suffice

Update 4:

themselves to this day in a barbaric enterprise of human sacrifice and cannabilism.  To this day the people we conquered refuse to accept our subjugation or assimilate into our Culture that we brought to them and if the Jews and the elite liberal leaders have their way we, the Proud Aryan people, they now accuse us of being white, as a shame on us, -we will instead be subject to their inferior culture.

Update 5:

 They will drive us as a people into the dirt we arose from when our God breathed life into us, and they will put the true shame on us by giving us the Mark of the forsaken.

It is now in the hands and destiny of you, the Proud volunteers of the remnant of the Aryan Civilization, in the final days upon us as the onslaught against us increases manifold by the elite

Update 6:

neo-liberals who now seek are complete annihilation – it is in your hands and destiny to undertake our final unsought mission left to us which is the complete annihilation of the human species.

If the Aryan Civilization shall not exist in this world then no Civilization shall exist.  Let that be our new unified strategy against them.

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  • Archer
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    There is actually no arian empire for they are a figment of Hitler's imagination. Nazism is another Theocracy created by those who are lacking in so many ways!

  • ?
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Meanwhile converting to Judaism is pretty tough. So remind me again how we're shoving Jewry down your throat. 

  • 1 month ago

    Blah blah blah....boring white noise.

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