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Capitalism and use of fossil fuels have lifted more people out of poverty than anything else by far?

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    I agree but would add the word Free Capitalism without government intervention.

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    Well, that one is crap for a start!

    Communism and socialism have done far, far more for oppressed nations than capitalism has.

    They may not give you sports cars, champagne and the life of a rich, indolent idiot but they put a roof over your head, a wage packet in your pocket, free education for your kids and free medicine for you and your family, plus a decent pension when you retire.

    Trump's capitalist America was for the rich and the idiots who thought of no one else but themselves.

    Unfortunately, Biden's is probably for the same group as well.

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    discharges carbon dioxide and other ozone depleting substances into the ... that the vast majority see it as an obscure, conceptual problem that is numerous ... furthermore, level of progress far outperforms any verifiable points of reference (Petit, et al.,. 1999 ... is hypothetically in an ideal situation for having more abundance than not, regardless of how that.

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    And changing to renewable green energy will lift them out even more out of poverty..  Imagine having solar panels, those who once paid huge energy bills find they are gone or greatly reduced.  This is a fact for many people in the UK who find they have excess energy they don't use, which they sell to their local energy suppliers.

    Air pollution is estimated to kill 7 million people in the world every year. Accidents in the extraction and transport of fossil fuel has seen huge environmental damage, with whole communities livelihoods destroyed by pollution from this industry.  Who then fight against paying the cost cleaning up their mess and compensating those lives they have ruined.

    Regardless of what you think about climate change the whole world is moving towards ending their reliance on fossil fuels. The opportunities this brings to those leading in this field in research, development and production is huge.

    This is what the US did when oil was discovered, yet now you are like the Luddites who went around smashing up machines in the new factories because they put those who did these jobs at home out of work.

    The USA can take advantage of the opportunities and money to be made from this move away from fossil fuels or continue to pretend it isn't happening.  

    Then they will see the rest of the world steal their best and brightest minds in the field away to work in  those countries which do see the opportunities.

    Ironic when you consider that this is what the US has always done in the past because they used to be able to see each new opportunity and act on it and were not blinded by the propaganda put out by the fossil fuel industry and those politicians in their pay.

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  • That is correct.. On the other end of that is when fossil fuel demand outpaces production as it's depleted sometime in the next 10-25 years.. Chaos will ensue around the world.. It will be catastrophic in scale and nature.. By the way, gas has gone up $.30 cents since O'biden.. Probably going to double in the next couple years..

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    What kind of fool thinks the planet is destroyed?  It is obvious that person is a Democrat and lives in a Democrat run hellhole.  The vast majority of the planet is doing just fine.  Free markets have lifted those few people that were lucky enough to be born into it.  Sadly we have Democrats working their evil ways to try to eliminate even that.  They are the party of hate and jealousy and they want all humans equally poor and miserable.  

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    by definition , capitalism puts more people INTO poverty . 

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    That's exactly true.  Socialism is designed to keep everyone at the exact same level, unless you are politically connected. With capitalism, anyone of any status or race can rise to great success if they work hard or have a great idea.

    Bill gates was a kid in his dads garage playing with computer parts and gizmo's and look at him now.

    Obama was a young child with a broken home and he became a very popular president and world leader.

    There are very many examples of all sorts of famous self made people in capitalists systems. people who did not start rich and had no political or other connections, but used their minds and their determination to make it big. That's what is so great about this country and that's what the socialists want to destroy.

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    all the systems 'as used' are heading towards the same goal moving all the wealth of the earth into the hands of elites that want to be lords of the earth ... your not going to win playing 'any' of their games ...a free 'capitalist' model is the ideal, but as given, its not free ... the founders back in colonial times shopwed how it 'should' work pre-revolution by minting their own fiat currency and regulating its availability to foster the best economy ... then 'the king' outlawed their currency and wanted to make a profet on it .. just like the banks do today .. thats the problem in a nutshell .. bankers making profit on money by controlling its availability .. 

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    Progressivists/Democrats/Communists hate both. Democrats need poverty as currency with which to purchase power and position.

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