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Guinea pig switching house every weekend?

So my parents just got divorced and I have a guinea pig that I love so much. I have to go to my dads every weekend. My mom said she’ll feed my guinea pig when I’m gone, but she won’t play with him and I don’t really trust her. I was thinking I could get another cage and set if up for him at my dads & bring him in his little carrier every weekend. Would that be okay? or too disruptive? I want what’s best for him. It’s also like a 30 minute drive to my dads. Thank you all :) 

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    It won't be disruptive. I think your guinea pig will be quite happy to spend more time with his loving owner. Hope this helps!


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    Your guinea pig will be fine with traveling and will enjoy being with you. 

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    It will not be disruptive because you will be there. 

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