Hi how to stop the insane trolling and shitty ad news. I'm single and depressed as heck my life. No one enjoy m how to stop this ?

Thanks . Like i am not like anyone else or situation. And a loner 


If anything I talk more my family than anything so something severely wrong my confidence so I don't know how to dismantle the news . Have laptop right hmm 

Update 2:

Enjoy enjoy I'm thinking do they tell their people that stuff . Could they handle this stuff no they dead or they would **** simple so I don't know why trying act tough . If they can't be old lady neither can I 

Update 3:

Ps I didn't get the job before so I tried that and this troll knows didn't have admission and want me to bond etc I can never have that life and he's saying oh she **** she drink m etc 

Update 4:

That why stressed like it's not drug problem or sex problem I don't talk anyone . So that why saying that I just wish it could stop because sometimes I think sex and drunk is troll etc 

Update 5:

Was simple person so I don't like all this sex and drink stuff anyways 

Update 6:

No one this situation literally because eveeyoje having life etc and sex drugs drink birth control etc. so I mean like irsnjustbso shitty to troll me about something I don't do at all m it don't even come my head I'm thinking more my family than anything else actually . Just trying job but I'm  alone  the more need repair 

Update 7:

 That y u sabotage d my laptop for . Because I felt like thinking love after 

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