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Do you feel sorry for kids today?

Even during the digital age, in 2021, there's still riots and protests. Racism is in the media, they lived through a corrupt president, some kids got two moms or two dads and there really isn't any positive role models for them to look up to in the media.

They just spent a year and a half living through the pandemic where they could not go outside and play, let alone, go to school.

Sometimes I feel like the 20th century is basically repeating itself. It's basically the 20th century with modern technology. What's even sadder is that a lot of us will grow old during this century and talk about these crazy times like our grandparents did of the 20th century. 

We were supposed to be well advance, especially us millennials.

It's possible that most of us will pass on during the 21st century. Very few of us may live to see the year 2100.

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    Every new generation develops amid pros and cons of uniqueness.

    You will live in a world as you perceive it. If you feel sorry for kids today, that reflects on your attitude. My parents grew up during the depression.

    Some think this is the best of all possible worlds and some fear this is true.

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    Yes, I can't imagine growing up listening to hip hop/rap music.

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    They live in in the digital age where information and entertainment are at their fingertips. Their exams are easier. They accept less criticism and demand to be listened to. I grew up with VHS tapes, but to kids, Bluray is 'old hat'. I say, they're lucky.

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    It’s safer than the London IRA bombings i grew up with 

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    More than anything in the world I do. They are just little people that didn't do anything to anybody. God bless the child.

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