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Do you think I would be considered a freeloader?

I just feel terrible. I have been screwed up on psych meds since I was 6. My mood as a result is depressed, anxious, and angry everyday. I live in a mental health facility and can't afford a car for a job. Public transportation is not in my budget, and I'm not even allowed to work where I live because of covid. I have no girl and never have. I feel worthless and have no meaning or purpose in my life. Every girl that ever was interested in me never worked out either due to fear of rejection or in more recent years, my life circumstances. I live off 9d ssdi disability and I've barely worked in my life. I get food stamps and live in a home type structure. It's just not the same as living on your own without annoying staff and rediculous rules. But that's besides the point.

Am I a freeloader? And what can I do to turn my life around if I am.

Thank you all in advance.

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    No. You are not a freeloader. You have a genuine disability, and you should be helped. 

    A freeloader is someone who is perfectly capable, but just lazy, or someone who actively attempts to get extra from the system, when they don't necessarily need it. 

  • Kevin
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    1 month ago

    Not if you are willing maybe do some sort of volunteer service

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