Physics: Calculating Torque?

One end of a meter stick is pinned to a table, so the stick can rotate freely in a plane parallel to the tabletop. Two forces, both parallel to the tabletop, are applied to the stick in such a way that the net torque is zero. The first force has a magnitude of 2.00 N and is applied perpendicular to the length of the stick at the free end. The second force has a magnitude of 6.00 N and acts at a 45.9o angle with respect to the length of the stick. Where along the stick is the 6.00-N force applied? Express this distance with respect to the end of the stick that is pinned.

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    About the pin, ΣM = 0 for equilibrium. So

    0 = 2.00N*1m - 6.00N*sin45.9º*x

    x = 0.464 m = 46.4 cm

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