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What happened to the days of many songs off of an Album becoming a timeless classic?

Now any musician who puts out an Album has one or two hits that are merely temporary fads before they dissapear forever.

And whatever happened to groups? only solo artists these days?

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    Record companies go in for the quick kill these days.  They promote a single, and focus so much of that promotion in the first week of its release.  Everything else then is just trickle-selling and re-emergence.  They have a couple of hits off an album, and then move on to the next artist.  This way, they can cash in on as many different artists as possible. 

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    So many good songs have already been written that it is tough to come up with good new ones that do not infringe on the copyrights of already published ones. There are still many bands, just not as many super groups as there were. 

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    Don't blame music, blame a corrupt media that couldn't care less about your musical tastes. 

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    In these days of digital music, FM radio chose decades ago to become irrelevant. Makes no difference which radio station, you will hear the same tunes. Back when dirt first appeared on the ground we walk on ..... there were "Underground" FM radio stations. They played the cutting edge NEW bands, often had an album to play in it's entirety and they told you what time, and it would be commercial free ready for you to record it directly to your Reel To Reel, cassette deck or 8 track recorder.

    Nowadays the closest to them are college radio stations that stream.

    This IS what has made it so difficult. Such a shame because there ARE REALLY good bands that will not go anywhere because they do not get the exposure unless you have heard the Band name and search it on the internet. Otherwise the band goes un-noticed.

    Of course this IS the reason many say there is not good music these days.

    LOOK >

    Youtube thumbnail

    Good "Girl Music" also. Not meaning necessarily a Girl Band but, music a Girl may prefer

    Youtube thumbnail

    Sadly we are forced to spend time on the internet searching our selves for the good stuff. AND we miss so much if NOT for our Brothers and Sisters here who are so generous to share music they find.

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    There are a lot of groups, and there are a lot of songs that have the quality and potential to be timeless classics. However, you have to put forth some effort to find the good stuff. I find the search to be part of the fun, but a lot of people want or expect the FM radio stations to do the work for them or they aren't aware of what exists beyond the radio. The internet has made it possible for a lot of singers and bands to get significantly more exposure than they used to or would have in the past. I can go online and find music uploaded from bands all over the world, but back in the day you were limited to radio play and record stores. You could buy records of bands that you already know you like from the radio or guess based on the album cover, look of the band, and/or band name whether or not you would like them. There was also live music where you could discover bands/singers that were opening for the band/singer you went to see.

    It's a lot less likely that a song will become a classic now because everyone has more options, and people are able to gravitate to their individual niche tastes rather than settling for whatever is available.

    You could ask another question for suggestions of bands that you might like based on your taste in music. There are a lot of musically knowledgeable people perusing the Rock and Pop section.

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    What surprises me most is that MOST of these people SHOULD have been one hit wonders.

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