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How to reinstall Windows 7?

I tried to reatore It but didn't work.

2- Why is Windows XP not entering?

Is going to Linux.

3- How to put an operation system in a USB and boot ? 

4- How to use Bluetooth? A code appear.

5- Why do a printer have wi-fi and bluetooth?

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    1: Learn to follow instructions - which you not done in all the time you have been using this site.

    eg. ONE question per post,

    with full and exact details of the problem,

    plus full and exact details of the computer or device involved,

    AND all the steps you have taken to try and solve the problem so for - how you got to the stage you are stuck at.

    Once you learn to do that, you may just have a chance of starting to get things to work properly.

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    One question per post please.  also, more information on your equipment, your problem, what you've tried and anything else will help us to help you. 

    1 You can reinstall Windows 7 from a bootable Disk or USB drive. 2 Not enough information to hazard a guess. 2.5 - Not a question here. 3 - Use an ISO, and the computer has to have the ability to recognize a USB as a bootable media.  4 - the code is a password of sorts, which keeps others from connecting.  You connect, then go to the computer and enter the code  to finish connecting. 5 - Wireless printers have both bluetooth and wifi to connect other devices than computers and laptops.  Bluetooth allows your phone to print.  

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    1 month ago

    one question per question please.

    we only get 10 points per answer.

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