Paranormal experience: what could this have been ?

Last month something strange happened which I never experienced before. I was laying on bed reading a book in my bedroom, then I paused for a little. I rest and looked up at the ceiling, then I suddenly saw a little circle floating in the air, it was a little white circle who sparkled light, I followed the little circle with my eyes for a few seconds and then it disappeared through the wall. That creeped me out so I went downstairs and told my mom about it. She said that before I came downstairs she had this weird feeling, she felt a presence like she wasn’t alone in the room. Weird feeling like someone is with you and that you are not alone. That creeped me out too and the she said maybe it was my brother who passed away few months ago. Maybe it was him watching over us, who knows? If it wasn’t him what else could that strange little circle have been? It looked like a Orb. I had read about orbs before and know they are spirits or ghosts but I have never seen one in real life before until this happened. I only saw them on the internet and this one looked exactly like those orbs in photos and footages. 

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  • 1 month ago

    It could be your brother dropping in for a visit. It is nothing to be afraid of.  

    You should just say thank you for visiting, if it happens again. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    i see. hmm.

    i think we're gonna have to up your dosage of funny pills  young lady...maybe increase the voltage of the electric shocks to your brain too while we're at it.

  • What could have been?

    First, I give you my condolences for your brother, and then, tell your mother that she was NOT your brother's possible Soul, because the souls of the deceased are in the Hades, spiritual world awaiting God's judgment, for this reason, they cannot communicate with their relatives on earth.

    Therefore, if it is true that you saw that bright circle light, it was a Demon spirit!

    Spirits are perfect Mutants, they can manifest themselves as they want, in anything, or in other cases, in visions of deceased people, because they use the same and identical physiognomy of people when they were alive on earth.

    They use this strategy to fool human people, but they can't do it with people who have had these experiences on them.

    It is we believers who have had our direct experiences, the supposed human science does NOT know anything about the spirituality of these beings, called Demons, i.e., former angels of God, decayed.

  • You probably saw some sort of eye floater, there are no such thing as magical supernatural orbs, the ones you see in photos are just the light reflecting off motes of dust.

    Your mother sounded excessively imaginative, even if there is some living person in the room or watching you can only know by normal means such as seeing or hearing them, there is no paranormal sixth sense which allows you to detect hidden people. .

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