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Am I white like a Scandinavian or an Icelandic? ?


With white I mean pale or pale like a ghost. 

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    Not necessarily. There are people from east Asia with similar colored skin. Skin color is an adaptation to a cold climate. People who live in cold climates have to wear clothes. People in the tropics do not. Clothes block out the sun, keeps the skin safe from skin cancer but it also results in less vitamin D production because the skin needs UV light to make vitamin D. Vitamin D shortage can lead to rickets, a painful disease that can result in muscle crams, deformed or broken bones, even death. 

    So, when humans migrated to cold climate areas in Europe and Asia about 40,000 years ago, after migrating out of Africa 60,000 years ago, light skin evolved to cope with rickets. Light skin allows more UV light to be absorbed to make enough vitamin D to prevent rickets. It is so beneficial that practically all people living in cold regions have light skin, whether they are from Korea, Japan, northern China, SIberia, or Europe. Light skin is not the only adaptation for cold climates. Thin lips, tall and narrow nose bridges, short arms and legs, a rounded torso, more facial and body hair, more fat under the skin, straight hair, and larger eyeballs are other adaptations to a cold climate. These adaptations are found in Europeans and also north Asians. but they are not found in people living in the tropics, unless those people had ancestors that lived in cold regions. For example, we see some people in SE Asian countries like Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia having light skin, a tall and narrow nose and thin lips because people from northern China migrated to these areas after they invented agriculture 10,000 years ago, and their population expanded. Most of these migrants are men, and even though they took dark skinned wives locally at first, their descendants started picking lighter skinned women in future generations as the number of light skinned people increased due to admixing. As a result there are both light skin and dark skin people in warm climate countries in Asia and in the Middle East. Europeans too migrated to the Middle East 24,000 years ago because Europe was in the middle of an ice age and most of northern Europe was covered by miles thick ice sheets. Only when the ice age ended 13,000 years ago could people migrate back from the Middle East and Central Asia back to Scandinavia. 

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    youre white like a human being

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    I think yes,but let me guess, are you light haired and light eyed?If not, you are mixed,mainly if you brown haired and brown eyed that are not typical Northern Europe traits, but more Middle Eastern(mainly Israel and Syria), Southern Europe and North African. 

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