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In theory could I selectively breed weiner dogs until I get a really really long dog?

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    Probably.  We've seen many dogs have their structures change from 50 to 100 years ago when certain traits or body types were bred for.  However, Dachshunds (wiener dogs) already have a huge number of spinal issues now (with the current length of back) so your goal would not meet with favor.

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    Breeds have a Breed Standard, usually for good reason.  Dachsies already have spine problems so why on earth would you want to potentially make a back problem more likely.   Oh of course - TROLL.

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    The breed already prone to back problems & you would only creating more problems for the breed if you made them longer.  Bad idea.

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    The dogs have the same number of vertibrae as any other dog...  The back won't be longer.

    Actually the breed isn't so much "long"..   they have dwarfism that makes the legs shorter...    The proportions give them the appearance of having a long back.

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