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Should I cancel My Daughter's Sweet 16 Party?

I did a random phone check on my child's phone like I normally do and found some very disturbing things like messages on Instagram back and forth with a stranger who seems to be another kid but online you never know who you are really speaking with. It was sexual conversations, vulgar videos sent and received, and the icing on the cake was my child sent this person our home address. Now I feel she has endangered our life because that's a stranger and people are so evil these days. She has been warned of never given out personal info on the web numerous times and punished for vulgar messages on socialmedia. But I feel guilty for canceling the sweet 16 party because you only turn 16 once what should I do?


For the ones asking why a party in a pandemic  It was only a group of 7 close family and friends Who all tested negative. Thank you.

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    You cancelling her "sweet 16th", is vindictive/petty and more importantly, it does NOT address the root cause of her behaviours, nor does it correct them! Your intentions are good, but you never attack a attic fire by spraying water on the basement, it solves nothing and only further compounds things.

    What you should be doing is several things

    1- Her cell phone is taken away

    2- She is to delete ALL social media accounts

    3- Any internet usage she has, will only be used for school purposes and not social.

    4- All computer usage will be done with a parent in the room

    These 4 things are merely preventavage measure, again the core issue still needs to be addressed and that is her feeling the need to reach out to virtual strangers and use her body in such a reckless manner.

    Best of luck.

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    Never cancel it. Let enjoy with her .

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    She's still going to turn 16 - no matter how you feel about this.  Take her phone away from her for a while until she's older and can show more responsibility.

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    I don't think your brat is that sweet anymore. Forget the party and put her on the pill. Parents really can't bring their kids up these days to be decent, respectful adults with social media opening doors that have otherwise been shut. She's need reigning in or you'll be a young grandma. Enjoy that. 

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    i dont think she is all that sweet anymore

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    No don't cancel it but blame the apps for the destruction of society and humanity. Try and change the law.

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    Why would you have a party in the middle of a pandemic?  Do you really want a bunch of parents upset with you if one of the kids ends up with CoVid?  Canceling the party would certainly get her attention about the dangers online.

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