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I am in love with my best friend. How do I move on and keep the friendship?

I am a 33 year old guy and I am in love with my best friend. There is no reciprocal interest whatsoever. I haven't told them how I feel, but the subject of whether we would hook up has arisen jokingly in the past, and it's very clear that's not something my friend is remotely interested in.

To make matters worse, my best friend is my housemate too. We do everything together, from morning til night. I work at home and they do uber eats so there is a lot of time we spend together in between work. 

I hate that I am in this situation, I just didn't realise how much this was playing on my mind. I think I have been kind of drumming it up as a bit of a fantasy live in partnership or something and I am just obsessing about being intimate when I am alone. I hate that this could ruin my relationship with my best and closest friend. I need to get over this and stop obsessing, but i don't know how :( any advice would be appreciated

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    I'd be very inclined not to say anything. You could very well ruin the friendship

    you cherish. You know your heart. You are sharing a house together, send for take-aways, therefore you ARE spending a lot of time together. Your friend doesn't seem to have the same feelings as you, although he/she is your best friend, & you are his/her best friend. You do have a bond; so don't let that bond be broken. 

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    in the event that he loves you he will converse with you and take a gander at you when you're both around one another. in the event that he doesn't do that he likely has no interest. perhaps you should take the primary action and state greetings each time you see him. you could likewise say I like your shirt or pleasant shirt...or something to that effect. don't simply allow him to pass you and talk with your companions. show him that you like him a ton!

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    "I haven't told THEM how I feel"  How many of THEM are there OR are you avoiding saying the gender of the person?  This is half a question and you are asking for a whole answer.

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     You're better off ignoring these sexual urges for good zj

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    I would come clean. Tell them your feelings and that you know that it is not reciprocated, so please understand that you will be a little distant in the near future to try to break this feeling. You want to remain friends but you need to figure out some thoughts in your own head right now. This way, there are no secrets and your friend can even try to help with suggestions on how to get through it. Start dating other people. Find a hobby, go out with other friends and let each other just have some space for while.

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    he likely isnt gay...............

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    Just you tell her everything and don't forget that you're awesome whether she accepts you or not. ✨✨🍺

  • T J
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    Find a new love interest to be with. You know your friend is not on the same page as you, so keep the friendship, and find a new love, there are so many good caring people out there, one of them is for you.

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    Hard for you. Unrequited love seldom lasts for ever, but living and spending so much time together does not help, does it? You probably need to work on distracting yourself. Focus more on your work - or better still, perhaps, find a new hobby. Ideally something very physical rather than "emotional" (art, music). Try climbing, skating, athletics or swimming, for example - something you can really throw yourself into (a swimming pool?!).

    Good Luck!

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