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Problem with children on my estate?

Like most people, I love children and I have nothing against these ones on my estate accept for the fact their behaviour and the times they are outside are becoming a problem. We live on a communal estate and these children are 3-13 and there’s about 10 of them. Children need to play outside but these children are out until 10-11pm at night and make so much noise outside my house. They scream constantly at night, kick balls around like crazy hitting everything and setting off car alarms. Just the other day I had to tell them to stop using the area behind my house as their toilet when outside playing. I have two elderly neighbours who aren’t well either and they had to tolerate the noise late at night. Even though we’re in lockdown here in the UK these kids from 5 different households are out 12-14 hours of the day (10am-11pm). 

People are too afraid to do anything after one man on out estate tried to talk to the parents about the late night playing and general bad behaviour - they didn’t take it well and ignore him. 


He reported it to our housing association and they guessed it was him. It ended with the man and his family having to move because of the hassle they caused and one of the parents going to prison for 6 months for going after him and his wife with a hammer. It’s a lovely estate, with lovely people but slowly these 5 families are changing it. 

Update 2:

I don’t want to have to move but the behaviour of their children needs to improve. They can make as much noise as they like in the daytime. It’s winter here and -2 at night in the summer these kids play out until 12pm at night when off school. How would you deal with this situation?

Update 3:

Thanks for the advice. Some are worse than others but it's really the parents who are the problem and are allowing it.

Update 4:

No manner where you're living "Jayne" you have the right to go to bed at a decent time of night. I'm not complaining about noise in the daytime, but late at night. Even in communal areas children shouldn't be urinating against my house, kicking balls at my house, helping themselves to my property and so on. I'm not expecting silence but these kids need dealing with. This is plain bad behaviour and thoughtless parents.

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  • 1 month ago

    Simple. Don't live in a communal estate if you don't want to listen to your neighbors children! It's a fair request to want peace and quiet. If that's what you're looking for, move out to the suburbs or a rural house. You can't reasonably expect to live in a COMMUNAL estate living arrangement and still have quiet privacy. You're in the wrong place.

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    Collect as much evidence as you can, keep reporting every incident to the police, and encourage your neighbours to do the same. Put the police under so much pressure that they'll be forced to act, because it sounds like they're not taking this seriously enough.

    Also, talk to your local parish councilors about the problems. They should have some good local knowledge about who else could help deal with things.

    If you have to talk to the kids yourself, try to work out who the really bad ones are, and who are just following the group. If there are some who you can talk sense to, you might be able to split them away from the ringleaders.

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    see your local government and the elected official who represents you there [the council person]

  • John
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    1 month ago

    My fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Reader knew the solution for both boys and girls, a painful rap on the fingers with a ruler. If that don't work try a bundle of switches. Sixth Grade had the electric paddle but when I got there, no electric paddle.

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