Is it actually true that foster kids get kicked out as soon as they reached 18?

I have got a friend who I have known since primary school (aged 6), me and her were proper best friends, I left the school in year 2 because I was having trouble with speech and education and I needed extra help so I was transferred (by my parents) into a school (mixed with mainstream and special needs classes but I was in a special needs class). After I left primary school I have heard that she has got been taken off from her mother and put her in foster care because her mother cannot look after her.  10 years later (I was 18 and she was almost about the turn 18)me and her started to communicate again on facebook and recently (me and her are 22) me and her were starting to communicate more on social media and she said to me that she is still live with her foster parents, she goes to college and she goes see her mum on the weekends. 

I know after reached 18 you can do whatever, but getting thrown out of foster home after 18 sounds really harsh (I personally never been in foster homes) because 1) where are they going to go 2) do you think they are ready to move out but it should be up to the kids 3) if they get kicked out they would be homeless which I think it does sounds horrible. In my opinion, foster kids should move out whenever they are ready, not straight after 18. 


With my friend(now 22) she’s not ready to move out, she’s happy where she is now with her foster family and she’s happy to see her mother on weekends. 

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  • edward
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    1 month ago

    You don’t have to kick them out

  • 1 month ago

    Usually but not always.  Foster family's receive money to care for the foster child and when they age out of the Foster family is no longer legally responsible for the child and stop receiving funds for their care.  So most get kicked out, but the foster family is under no obligation to do so.

    It is also not limited to foster family's.  Normal family's often do the same thing forcing the legal adult child to fend for themselves like any other adult.  It is harsh, especially when the child is not ready for the reality of adulthood.  It has been going on for centuries.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    The foster parent is no longer responsible for the "child" when the child reaches the age of 18 OR graduates high school.  If the teenager turns 18 while still in high school, then the end of foster care would be at graduation from high school.  (many seniors do turn 18 before they actually graduate from high school - it just depends on how their birthday falls during the year.)

    Some foster families become attached to their foster children and might allow that foster child to live with them longer.  But - it is NOT required and the foster family would no longer get financial payments from the government for that child.  Many foster families are in it for the "easy" money.  They can be "stay at home parents" by getting paid to house a bunch of foster kids.  These kinds of families will kick the kid out at 18 so that they have room to bring in another paycheck - I mean foster kid.  (you get my point)

    I had a friend in high school that was a foster child.  She joined the military straight out of high school so that she would have someplace to go because her foster family gave her 60 days after graduation to get out.

  • 1 month ago

    i think some of them might let their foster kids live with them for a while

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