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Does Google know what I download onto my phone?

I read articles on Google reporting to certain people because of what individuals download onto their Android devices. Whether its copyright material or banned materials, without going into the legalities and specificity of some of these material, how does Google know what you download onto your phone? Are there Google controlled phones out in the market? I have a phone that doesn't have Google Drive but required a Gmail account to access. Should I switch over to iPhone to avoid snooping by Google? I don't want Google to "know" or "see" what I put onto my phone.

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  • 1 month ago it possible that you aren't aware that Android and Google are the same company, both owned by Alphabet?  You ask...are there google controlled phones out in the market?  SURE!!!  If it's not an iPhone, then it is running Android, and controlled by Google.  This means that roughly 3 out of 4 cell phones world-wide are currently controlled by Google.  

    Can you switch to iPhone to avoid snooping by Google?  Not really.  Most of the snooping is not done by the OS is done by third-party apps that people install.  Most people install dozens of these apps, willingly.  

    If you buy an iPhone and never install any apps on it, then that phone would (relatively speaking) be more secure from "snooping" than a factory-fresh Android phone.  But that's like ordering a hamburger plain, with no bun either.  It's not a realistic strategy.  

    People don't buy smart phones to only use the included apps.  The whole point of owning the smart phone is to install your favorite apps on it.

    You want a guarantee that your smart phone is not snooping on you?  Then simply don't own a smart phone.

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    If you use Google chrome to make the download yes there's a record on Google chrome of everything that you do. If you use the Google play store everything that you download there's a record of it

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