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Do conservatives realize that forcing Twitter to accommodate all speech, no matter how vile or  repulsive, would cause it to lose money?

Twitter is a private corporation, and like all private corporations it exists to make money. If Twitter chooses to ban certain speech it's because they're afraid that speech will drive users away and hurt their bottom line.


This makes perfect sense. If users are forced to endure vile and repulsive lies over and over, they'll eventually abandon the platform and Twitter will lose money.


That's not how America works. We're a capitalist nation, not some fascist dictatorship where the government can mandate what private companies must allow. The only rule is that private companies can't refuse service based solely on membership in a protected class. But posting lies on the Twitter (or any private social media platform) does not make you a protected class.


Do conservatives get this?


@ Orges: You're wrong, of course. The private company determines that based on its Terms of Service. 

Update 2:

@ Kathy - They're not blacklisting conservative speech. They're banning one person for violating their Terms of Service. Do you not understand the difference?

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    Most conservatives do not make vile statements.  They call their words misinformation based on their own opinion.  That is the issue here.

    A whistleblower at Twitter recorded Dorsey stating that Trump was just the beginning.  There will be many more to be taken off Twitter.  The private company Twitter is biased and has effected the outcome of an election by banning a perfectly truthful story just before the election and only allowing it weeks afterward.  They kicked the Washington Post off Facebook and Twitter as well I believe.  You see, they should not be protected by 230 to keep them from being sued.  Their own opinion is their "fact check".  

    They allowed any and all lies about Trump.  No, these companies are in need of a huge breakup.  They are a monopoly effecting elections and political discourse.  That should not be permitted.  They even cancel competition (Parler).  Nobody said they have to accommodate all speech but they should not be permitted to discriminate based on political party but that is exactly what they are doing.

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    Twitter executives can go take a flying leap off a cliff for all I care. But do you honestly think that ANY company can afford to pi$$ off HALF the American population by Blacklisting Conservative speech? That's not a very smart business plan. 

    FYI... It's not just Trump that's being blacklisted... and it's not just Twitter. 

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    Who determines what is a lie? Or misinformation? Or “vile?”

    You do.  Individuals do.  Not the government.  Not a board room of billionaires.

    Why do you need someone else making your decisions on which information to listen to?  Freedom. Do liberals not get this?

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    Well, like "the election was rigged", trying to force a PRIVATE company to do something is impossible. EVERYONE around the world cares about money.  If you give a French person a new car, do you REALLY think he or she will say "no, take it back; I don't want it" or someone from Singapore a house (not an apartment, a house) that person will say "no, I like hearing my neighbours have sex and fight, and I love those cooking smells in the hallway"?

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  • 1 month ago

    Yes..I get it.

    I'd have removed anything encouraging further violence too.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Money is the only thing the US cares about.

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