How can I add interests on LinkedIn ?

I’m as a Professional LinkedIn Writer and Career Coach on LPWS, being I’m a goal-oriented professional, who knows everything about career exposure on LinkedIn, can say that the variety of information we receive from social platforms creates new trends and requirements in professional fields. LinkedIn plays such a huge role in your job search, you need a dynamic and engaging profile.

So, the LinkedIn Interests section is a great public resource for building a great professional image. It can best demonstrate commitment to the profession and work integrity. Your profile is your brand, which increases your job chances and gives you a complete picture of your personality. This area is like a mirror for which careers you find attractive and which sources of inspiration you enjoy. Here's a guide on how to add and update leads on LinkedIn to fit your career path.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Ain't nobody's bidness where I worked in the past.  That's too much information.  Remember when resumes were private and you only sent them to specific employers who you wanted to see?  

    Stop trying to 'social engineer' everyone into posting WAY too much of their personal information out there for the world to see and track so you can either build a profile on them for identity theft purposes, sabotage their careers in some way or whatever your hidden agenda may be.

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    Source(s): There go Mega Karen claiming she an expert in everything again for her own job security. I'm boutta start playin Mega Karen whack-a-mole.
  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    You have the writing skills of an 8th grader.   You aren't a professional anything.   You are a low-level commissioned sales person and your spam post will be REPORTED.

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